Promhills Cabins

Accommodation at Wilsons Promontory

On a lovely winter's day, Joshua and I couldn't resist popping down to Duck Point on Corner Inlet (just a few minutes drive away) for a walk and some beach combing. It was a glorious day, with no wind and the water was so still, creating great reflections. We turned right off the boat ramp and headed towards the rocks, we found a jellyfish (as big as Joshua's head!). Turning around, we spotted a family of black swans, so we walked past the boat ramp in the other direction to get a closer look. Heading out for a walk in such a beautiful spot really refreshes me and truly makes me feel like I'm on holidays - so glad to be able to call this place home!


Corner Inlet at Duck Point in Yanakie

Swans at Corner Inlet at Duck Point in Yanakie